All’s NOT Fair @ The Fair!

fair2 Alls NOT Fair @ The Fair!

WOW! Temptation at its hardest point! Can you believe it? For someone like myself, I am trying to watch what I eat and at the very least shed a couple of pounds. Well throw that all out the window at the Arizona State Fair! It’s not FAIR! They happen to have every temptation known to man at the fair. Deep fried ANYTHING, meat on a stick, ice cream, cotton candy, corn on the cob dipped in a pound of butter and salted enough to choke a horse! After all of this, you can make sure it sits right by getting on one of the craziest rides that turns you upside down and side to side enough to shake you like a bottle of pop. Then, after all of this…BACK FOR MORE! I love the fair. It’s a time to get out, enjoy the lights of the midway and have fun with the family. It’s a part of our culture I really enjoy. See YOU at the Fair!


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