Half of Women Would Rather Get the Flu Themselves Than Have to Take Care of Their Sick Husbands

Sick Husband

Sick Husband

It’s a scientific fact that when grown men get sick, they immediately revert back to being spoiled, needy eight-year-old boys.  And their WIVES have to deal with it.

A new survey by Walgreens shows JUST how unbearable a sick man can actually be.

In the survey, 50% of women said they would rather get the flu THEMSELVES than deal with a sick husband.  That’s right:  HALF of women would rather be sick than deal with a sick guy.

Men didn’t have the same opinion.  Only 14% of men said they’d rather be sick than take care of their sick wife.

How about you ladies… Is your man a little baby when he gets sick?

Here’s what a few KOOL Listeners said this morning…

Terry called in to represent the men…



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