The bathroom plunger just isn’t for getting things to move in your bathroom anymore.  This is a great story.

A plunger can unclog a lot more than your toilet.  In 1990, a 63-year-old man went into sudden cardiac arrest in his home, and his son’s frantic attempts at resuscitation and CPR weren’t working.  In the kind of desperation that belies simple logic, the son grabbed a plunger from the bathroom, positioned it on his father’s chest, and started pumping away.  Remarkably, the suction started his heart again, and he was revived.  The father’s cardiologist was so inspired by the incident that he invented the ResQPump, a handheld device for delivering chest compressions, which works, and looks….well, like a plunger.  In a study published in the Lancet earlier this year, researchers found a patient’s chance of survival was 53% greater using ResQPump than traditional CPR.  The FDA will probably approve the device next year.  Until then, you might want to keep your plunger handy just in case of an emergency.




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