As you know, most of the food you see in commercials isn’t actually edible, because they slather it with things to make it look as good as possible on camera.  But there’s a new article from “The New York Times” with a few specifics that are really interesting.

For example, when you see food steaming, it’s usually because there’s a clothing steamer just out of frame.  Here are six foods, and the gross ways they make them look delicious on TV.

#1.)  Ice Cream.  They can’t use the real thing because it melts under the lights almost immediately.  So according to one director, they use LARD mixed with corn syrup. 

#2.)  Syrup on Pancakes.  The actual pancakes might be real.  But the syrup is probably MOTOR OIL.  Apparently it looks better on camera.

#3.)  Ice Cubes.  Again, they melt too fast.  So they use fake ice cubes made out of plastic or acrylic.  And a single fake ice cube can cost $500.

#4.)  Steak.  They make it look perfectly cooked by coating it in SHOE POLISH.  According to one director, it makes the meat look more “succulent.”  And it looks like it came straight from the grill . . . even though it might have been cooked several hours earlier.

#5.)  Beer.  To make the foam at the top look perfect, they add a mixture of powder, water, and silicone gel.

#6.)  Pasta.  There’s always a shot of someone picking it up with a fork.  And when you do it in real life, some of the pasta usually falls off.  But obviously, if  that happened in a commercial . . . we’d all be so disgusted, we’d never eat pasta again.

So to make sure it doesn’t, they add a little GLUE to the sauce.


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