Top Little-Known Facts About Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

Since we honor him today, let’s take a closer look at the famous explorer who set out to discover the “New World” in 1492 with the Top Little-Known Facts About Christopher Columbus.

–The first person he met upon landing in America?  Larry King.

— He’s prouder of the city named after him than his good friend, John Detroit.

–Despite all those sales in his honor, he himself ironically never got a good deal on a mattress.

–The actual names of his three boats were The Kim, The Kourtney and The Khloe.

–Within minutes of discovering America, he found four Starbucks.

–Snooki thinks he’s a shoe designer.

–Your kids are celebrating his legacy right now by eating Trix and playing Xbox in the basement.

–If he knew they were gonna name a city in Ohio after him, he never would have become famous.

 –He discovered a continent and had a country named after him, but like any good Italian, all he really wanted was six-pack abs and an orange tan. 

–The first thing he did when he set foot on land in North America?  Check in on Foursquare.

Want to add anything to the list?  🙂


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    THIS WAS NO HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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