Hank Williams jr.

Hank Williams jr.

Former NFL superstar BARRY SANDERS will replace HANK WILLIAMS JR. on “Monday Night Football” tonight.  ESPN parted ways with Hank last week . . . after Hank compared PRESIDENT OBAMA to Hitler in an interview.

Barry Tweeted, quote, “Okay, I admit it.  I will be at [‘Monday Night Football’] this week and doing the intro.”  Sadly, he will not be performing a song.

As for what he IS doing . . . that’s a little vague.  According to reports, he’s doing, quote, “a video segment that previews the game.”

It’s unclear if Barry will appear every Monday, or if ESPN has something else in the works for next week.

An ESPN spokesperson says it’s “unlikely” that they will be recording a NEW song this season.  Hank’s song “All My Rowdy Friends” had been used to open “Monday Night Football” since 1991 . . . on both ESPN and ABC.


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