Three Online Dating Tips If You’re Middle-Aged and Single

middle age dating

middle age dating

Dating is even harder if you’re middle aged . . . especially ONLINE dating.  So here are three tips to help make sure your online dating profile paints you in the best light possible.

#1.)  Choose a RECENT Photo.  It sounds obvious, but a lot of people still use old pictures.  It doesn’t matter as much if you’re 25 now, and 20 in the picture.

But aging becomes more noticeable as you get older.  And if you’re 45, you might look a lot different than when you were 40.  The point is, you don’t want the other person to be disappointed when you meet face-to-face.

So use a NEW photo, and follow these rules:  Use one that shows you from the shoulders up, with a clear view of your face.  And also upload at least one full-length photo that shows you doing something you enjoy, like cooking or walking your dog.

#2.)  When You Describe Yourself, Don’t Be Too Formal.  Some people get way too poetic because they want to sound smart.  But you’re better off using your natural voice so it sounds like YOU.

The perfect description is relaxed, positive, and two or three paragraphs at the most.  But “positive” is probably the most important one.  Your online dating profile is not the place to complain about how bad your divorce was.

#3.)  Be Clever with Your Headline.  Don’t be generic and say something like, “Looking for Love” or “Just Trying This Out.”  It’s a waste of space.

Instead, use it to hint at what your personality is like.  It could be a line from your favorite movie, or a few words that describe something you’re passionate about.


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