cats and vacuums Cats Vs. Vacuum: Who Wins?

What is it with animals and vacuum cleaners?  They are sworn enemies!!!  My puss can jump tall buildings in a single bound when the Dyson enters the room.  It doesn’t even have to be powered up!  I just found a short and sweet video that showcases the battle between cat and vacuum.  Who do YOU think wins???

Good Lord!  How many cats were in that video…FIVE???  Do your animals hang on the vacuum like they do?  I’ve NEVER seen that before!

  1. David Davenport says:

    What’s funny too, is my cat Milo and the ironing board. He hates it! Dont know why. I open it up to iron and if he is in the same room, he runs away like his tail is on fire! He will not come back ino the room until the board is put away. Very odd.

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