New Movies This Weekend

movie reel New Movies This Weekend


If you’re headed to the theatre this weekened this should help decide what to see.

#1.)  Abduction  (PG-13)

“Twilight” stud Taylor Lautner gets to show off his real-life black belt karate skills after learning he was abducted as a child and that his dad’s some kind of spy.  People try to kill him after he learns the truth . . . with Sigourney Weaver and Alfred Molina each offering to help, while claiming he can’t trust the other one.

#2.)  Dolphin Tale  (PG)

A boy rescues a dolphin caught in a trap, then helps it learn to swim with a prosthetic tail.  The kid is played by 13-year-old Nathan Gamble.

Ashley Judd plays his mom, Harry Connick Jr. runs the aquarium hospital, and Morgan Freeman is the doctor who figures out how to make the prosthetic tail.

It’s based on a true story, but the boy’s character was actually a girl named Katrina, who was born with a leg deficiency and needs a prosthetic leg to walk.

#3.)  Moneyball  (PG-13)

 The true story of how the Oakland A’s built a winning team with a small budget, using players the scouts rejected.  Brad Pitt plays the general manager, Philip Seymour Hoffman is his co-manager, and Jonah Hill is the nerdy statistics expert.


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