Sonya Fitzpatrick is a, quote, “well-known animal communicator.”  Which means she’s some kind of animal psychic.

She looked at photos of 250 cats and somehow communicated with them telepathically, so we’d know what our pets were thinking.

Cats aren’t lazy.  Even though it looks like they lay around all day, 52% of them say they’re always on the move, exploring the house throughout the day. 

Don’t bother leaving the TV on to keep them entertained.  Only 1.6% say they like watching television.

You might think they hate dogs, but nearly half claim that getting wet is actually their biggest pet peeve.  Being woken up from a nap is next most annoying, with three in ten cats complaining about that. 

Cats like getting fed treats, but only 1.6% say they like getting them right after a meal or right before bed.  When asked about the best time for treats, 45% told Sonya that “right about now would be nice.”  28% said “always”.   

And their favorite thing to do with humans is to snuggle with them and fall asleep.


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