A Different Kind Of CDT?

kara kennedy eleanor mondale1 A Different Kind Of CDT?

You know my fascination with the CDT (Celebrity Death Trifecta).  I believe that celebrities tend to pass on in sets of three.  Sometimes, there are even themes.  For instance, this weekend brought news of two that jumped off the page for me.  Not only were they both 51 years-old (I should say 51 years-YOUNG), they were both children of famous politicians!

On Friday, Kara Kennedy died.  She was a daughter of the late Senator Ted Kennedy.  She was also a well respected television producer.  Kara was diagnosed with lung cancer back in 2002, but beat it!  Sadly, she wasn’t able to beat the heart attack that took her life after a workout in DC on Friday 😦

The very next day, Eleanor Mondale died.  Eleanor was the daughter of former Vice President Walter Mondale.  She was ALSO involved in television, having hosted various entertainment programs.  Prior to that, she was a radio personality in Chicago and Minneapolis.  Mondale ALSO was diagnosed with cancer.  In 2006, she fought brain cancer – and won.  Sadly, it returned and eventually took her life this past Saturday.

So, let’s review the similarities:

  • Both were female
  • Both were 51
  • Both were daughters of famous politicians
  • Both fought cancer

WOW.  As always, I certainly pray there isn’t a third.  But, if there were…who could it be?


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