grand ave Jeffrey Ts Road Trip   The Grand Journey

Living in Peoria, I have a few different ways to get to KOOL every morning for my 9am show.  Loop 101 South to I-10 East is my preferred route.  Sadly, during the morning rush, that can take anywhere from 25 minutes to 2 hours!  Tom & Maria have strongly suggested I do NOT take that road.  (I guess they don’t want to stay past 9am!)  So, my backup is Grand Avenue.  Oh, what an adventure THAT can be!

You would think it’s the PERFECT route.  That’s logical, as it’s the most direct way to get from Peoria downtown.  But, it’s FAR from perfect.  Maybe that’s why there’s always construction!  Being a diagonal road, it doesn’t just intersect the East/West streets like Indian School and Northern, but all the numbered North/South streets and avenues as well.  So, that’s two sets of lights to wait for at every intersection!  And, speaking of lights, is the concept of timed traffic lights that far-fetched?  I would bet money if you hit one red light, you WILL hit the next as well!  This is why my commute to work every morning is not just a drive.  It’s a ROAD TRIP!

I realize I’m preaching to the choir here.  I see you in your cars and trucks right alongside me every day!  We all need to band together and find some alternate routes.  Leave a comment below!  Let me know if you’ve found the perfect way downtown during rush hour.  I’ll even give you a plug on the air!  Of course, we’ll have to come up with a another new route – as soon as our “secret” is discovered 🙂


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