[photogallerylink id=67996 align=left] Elton John?  Simon Cowell?  Tiger Woods?  If you guessed any of these, you’re wrong.  As a matter of fact, the name may shock you…it did me!  When you stop and think about it though, he’s been everywhere lately, and has had so much going on over the past few years, that just named him the higest paid man in entertainment.


Now, pick your Bugs Bunny chin up off of the table.

From May of 2010 to May of 2011, Tyler pocketed $130 MILLION.

His closest competition was producer JERRY BRUCKHEIMER, who made $113 million.  STEVEN SPIELBERG finished third, with $107 million.  Here’s the list.

 #1.)  Tyler Perry,  $130 million

#2.)  Jerry Bruckheimer,  $113 million

#3.)  Steven Spielberg,  $107 million

#4.)  Elton John,  $100 million

#5.)  Simon Cowell,  $90 million

#6.)  Author James Patterson,  $84 million

#7.)  Dr. Phil,  $80 million

#8.)  Leonardo DiCaprio,  $77 million

#9.)  Howard Stern,  $76 million

#10.)  Tiger Woods,  $75 million


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