facebook People Rank Facebook More Important Than a Flushing Toilet


There’s a metaphor here comparing Facebook and a toilet.  I’m not going to flesh it out, but there’s a metaphor.

Anyway, in a recent survey out of Scotland . . . but one that we think applies pretty well over here too . . . people said they’d rather live without a flushing toilet than live without Facebook.

In fact, having a toilet ranked NINTH on a ten-item list.  There’s a list of things people say they couldn’t live without, ranked from most vital to least vital.

#1.)  Sunshine.

 #2.)  Internet access.

 #3.)  Clean drinking water.

 #4.)  A refrigerator.

 #5.)  Facebook.

 #6.)  Health care.

 #7.)  A stove or other cooker.

 #8.)  Email.

 #9.)  A flushing toilet.

 #10.)  A cell phone.


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