Beer For The Ladies…

Chick Beer

Chick Beer

There’s a new beer brand called CHICK BEER which calls itself the, quote, “only beer brand designed for women.”  (–Apparently it’s never heard of Michelob Ultra, but whatever.)

Women drink about 25% of all the beer sold in the U.S., so it makes sense to market beer to them.  Chick is a light beer . . . obviously . . . that’s low carb . . . obviously . . . and a decently-low 97 calories in a 12-ounce bottle . . . obviously.

It’s also less carbonated to lead to less BURPING.  And it comes in hot pink packaging.

 It’s made in Maryland and, for now, it doesn’t appear to be available anywhere BUT Maryland.

Chick Beer

Chick Beer

Here’s what a few KOOL Listeners said about “Chick Beer…”


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