What!  You don’t think I know a little something about love?  Well, I have a few ideas for you if you would like to do something different…do something that might bring a little spark back into the relationship.  If you didn’t just throw-up a little in your mouth, read on and see if this won’t work for you.

#1.)  Play a Sport.  Play a game of tennis, volleyball, or mini-golf.  It’s active, it’ll bring out your competitive side, and according to psychologists, when women win . . . they’re more likely to get a little frisky!  It’s science . . .

 #2.)  Walk for a Cause.  If there’s a cause that’s important to you, like cancer or animal rights, see if there’s a walk or run you can participate in together.

 #3.)  Visit a Vineyard.  Go on a weekend trip to a vineyard, where you can take a walking tour and sample some red wine.  Red wine has antioxidants which have been shown to protect your heart against disease.

 #4.)  Hit the Farmer’s Market.  Hit up your local farmer’s market and buy some fresh vegetables.  Then go make a healthy meal with what you bought.

 #5.)  Go Dancing.  Dancing is a fun way to burn a TON of calories.  If you’re an awful dancer, take some lessons together.  Then have a night out on the town.

Now go out there and have some fun!!!


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