Happily Married

Happily Married

Married People are 250% More Likely to Live a Long Life After Heart Surgery!

There have been dozens of studies that have shown the health benefits of marriage.  Longer life . . . less stress . . . less heart disease, diabetes, and depression. 

And today, we’ve got another new study with another new health benefit of marriage.  Researchers at the University of Rochester in New York found that married people were 250% more likely to live a long life after heart surgery than single people.

There was one catch.  For men, it didn’t matter if they were in a happy or unhappy marriage . . . as long as they had their spouse supporting them, they were fine.

For women, it DID matter.  Women in happy marriages had longer lives after heart surgery than women in unhappy marriages.  Maybe the unhappy husbands are worse at “faking it” and being attentive than unhappy wives?

The researchers also say that MARRIAGE might not be necessary for the health benefits . . . as long as you’re in a long-term, supportive relationship, your chances of surviving a long time after heart surgery go up.


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