Donald Trump Has a New 757 with Gold-Plated Fixtures . . . And He Made a Video to Show it Off

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Making as much money as you can and spending it on whatever you want is the right of every American… or at least Donald Trump!

He bought himself his very own 757 jet and customized it to well beyond the definition of decadence.

This thing has a passenger area that seats 43 people.  Each seat has its own “audio-visual system”, and all the fixtures . . . right down to the seat belt buckles . . . are gold-plated.

There’s a separate dining area, a main lounge, a guest area (slash) bedroom and a MASTER bedroom adorned with, quote, “yards and yards of elegant gold silk.”  There’s also a master BATHROOM, complete with a shower.

There’s a “VIP” area . . . which I guess means that Trump will sometimes fly people who are beneath him . . . and from whom he might feel the need to separate himself.  (???)

There are also three totally tricked-out home theater systems.

 Here's a video tour of the plane...


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