Spoiled Dog

Spoiled Dog

I assume people know that most pets don’t NEED clothing, unless they’re sick, hairless, and old.  Especially not DESIGNER clothing.  But in the winter, you still see dogs running around in sweaters all over the place.

 So if you want to keep wasting money on your dog’s wardrobe, go ahead.  But if you want to STOP flushing money down the drain, here are four more ways people waste money on their pets.

#1.)  Expensive Pet Beds.  Dogs and cats need a soft place to lie down, but they don’t know the difference between an old comforter and a $300 bed.  So don’t go overboard.  They might actually PREFER the comforter, because it smells like you.

#2.)  Expensive Treats.  If your vet tells you buy a certain kind, buy them.  But most pets like the cheap treats just as much as the expensive ones.  And if you look at the ingredients, almost ALL pet treats are pretty gross.

#3.)  Grooming.  Some dogs . . . like collies and German shepherds . . . shed a lot more than other breeds.

But if you brush most dogs once a day . . . or even once every FEW DAYS . . . you don’t have to pay a professional groomer very often, if at all.  The same thing goes for most cats.

 #4.)  Pet Strollers.  Yes, they actually exist, which just goes to show how many people treat their dogs like children.  But unless your dog has trouble getting around, it should WALK with you and get some exercise.

 And if you try taking your CAT for a walk, you’ll just freak it out.


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