First Memories

First Memories

Think hard . . . what’s your very first childhood memory?  If you’re like one-third of people, your first memory is having a stranger brutally torture you for your own good . . . and your parents PAID for it.

In a new poll of 1,671 people by the website, 35% of people say their earliest memory is a TRIP TO THE DENTIST.  And almost all of them say that they think the FEAR and PAIN are what made the memory stick.  Mine was when I had to take a nap and I remember looking out the window while laying down and watching a small plane move across the blue sky.  It kind of came in at #6 on the list.

The average age for people’s earliest memory is about 4.3 years old.

#1.)  Trip to the dentist

#2.)  Birthday party

#3.)  Vacation

#4.)  First day of school

#5.)  Trip to the doctor

#6.)  Being outside

#7.)  An accident or injury

#8.)  A tooth falling out

#9.)  Receiving a present

#10.)  Playing with friends


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