Counting Sheep

Counting Sheep

Almost No One Counts Sheep to Fall Asleep Anymore . . . Listening to Nature Sounds is the New Big Thing.

There ARE still a few people out there who fall asleep without using Ambien.  So what do they do when they’re having trouble falling asleep?

Well . . . according to a new survey, they don’t count sheep.  That’s OUT.  The majority of people surveyed say they like to fall asleep to BIRDS and RAINFOREST noises.

Only 10% say they even bother trying to count sheep.

An expert from the British Sleep Society says that rainforest noises and other similar nature sounds really are the best tool to use.

Quote, “A semi-repetitive noise like wind blowing or waves crashing, which has an occasional rhythm change, works by distracting you.  The sound can’t be too boring but shouldn’t be so stimulating that you actively think about it.”


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