College Football

College Football

For the past century, The Man has tried to keep beer and alcohol out of college football stadiums.  Something about the sanctity and innocence of the game or whatever.

Well, more and more colleges are realizing that integrity is important . . . but big money is more important.  College football prints money.  And selling beer at the games prints even more money.

So, this season, 20 of the 119 Division One-A college football programs will have beer on sale at the regular concession stands at their stadiums.

That’s DOUBLE the number that sold beer in the 2001 season.

West Virginia University is selling beer for the first time this season.  They say they expect to bring in a profit of at least $1 MILLION.

The NCAA allows schools to set their own policies on alcohol sales.  They do have a rule banning alcohol from their bowl and championship games . . . and also ban advertising for alcohol at those venues.  Should they sell beer at ASU games?

  1. John Jacobson says:

    I watch students at pre-grame for 6 years when I worked at a University and outside is really enough.

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