There Is A Best Restroom Contest…

scott There Is A Best Restroom Contest...…and a Scottsdale bathroom is in the top ten! woo-hoo…or maybe that should be woo-hoo-loo.

This year’s finalists for America’s Best Restroom are:

Castello di Amorosa Winery Calistoga, California
This restroom boasts hand-painted Italian-style frescoes. The sinks are custom made from travertine imported from Tuscany, Italy. The spigots reflect a common Castello theme of dragons and gargoyles.

Don’s Johns Presidential Luxury Restroom Trailer Chantilly, Virginia
This regal restroom trailer was actually set up for President Obama during the 2009 Inauguration. It features
granite counters and shelves, black marbleized walls, wood panel doors, and a hardwood-designed floor.
Climate-controlled heat and air conditioning also guarantees to keep guests in maximum comfort during their
visit. The dual audio system not only plays soothing music inside for the visiting guests, but those waiting outside
can keep up with the event on an exterior-mounted flat screen television!

The Field Museum Chicago, Illinois
With two large family-friendly restrooms on the ground floor, the Field Museum features sufficient stalls and sinks, as
well as eco-friendly hand-dryers. The women’s restroom has a special nursing room with a shut door, sink, and small
sofa for new mothers. The women’s restroom also has a large “Tot Area” with smaller toilets for its littlest guests.

Habana Outpost Brooklyn, New York
The restrooms at Habana Outpost feature a glass roof over-head with hanging plants and the galvanized walls. The ‘green’
toilets flush with rainwater! Water is collected through a series of rain gutters and stored in a holding tank where it is
filtered and then redirected to the toilets, saving thousands of gallons of water every week. Architecture students designed the system as part of a design program called Urban Studio Brooklyn which is part of the non-profit Habana Works.

The Joule Poule at the Joule Dallas Hotel Dallas, Texas
This rooftop pool bathroom features an outdoor shower that uses beautiful blue mosaic tiles to depict others showering.
The cool color choices are intended to reflect the clarity of blue water. The design is carried into the restroom, which
features contemporary art, wood paneling, modern lighting and cloth hand towels.

Main Street Station Casino Las Vegas, Nevada 
A  graffiti-covered segment of the oppressive wall that once separated East and West Berlin now serves an appropriate
function in the gentlemen’s restroom in the main casino area, as it holds the urinals.

Ninja New York New York, New York
Diners are transported back to a 15th-century Japanese village. And while their wait staff, dressed as ninjas, may have
some lethal moves, it’s their toilet that will knock you dead in your tracks. This bathroom is outfitted with a control pad that operates seat warmers, a water spray (that oscillates or pulsates) and a built-in deodorizer and blow drier.

Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel Arlington, Virginia
The use of light reflects the evidence of motion throughout this elegant restroom. Walls ablaze with sunset tones of
orange and gold and silhouettes of birds in mid-flight.

Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts Scottsdale, Arizona
This loo is sleek and modern with terrazzo flooring, glass-tiled walls and spacious, stainless steel stalls. An ingenious
lighting system continuously shifts the colors of the space from cool blues and greens to warm gold and reds.

Snowbasin Resort Huntsville, Utah
Snowbasin’s restrooms feature Italian Carrera marble, Barovier, Tosso & Moscatelli chandeliers crafted from
bronze and crystal, floor to ceiling commodes, beautifully inlaid African Anegre wood and hand-painted walls.

Click HERE to vote….

New this year, fans can conveniently vote from any web-enabled mobile device. The mobile website is a fast and easy way to nominate a deserving restroom while on the go.

You can also participate by visiting the America’s Best Restroom Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube Channel to post comments, receive contest updates, share photos or upload videos.


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