Missouri Law Outlaws Students And Teachers From Being Facebook Friends.

96493188 e1312317349160 Missouri Law Outlaws Students And Teachers From Being Facebook Friends.
General Education (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Starting August 28, a new law takes effect in Missouri prohibiting direct social media contact- not only Facebook, but also Twitter & all the rest of them, between teachers and their students.

 See What Contact They Can Have!

Missouri Senate Bill 54 does although allow teachers & educators to create Facebook Pages to have public direct access to all of their students, eliminating the private element of Facebook. It’s design is to protect children from sexual misconduct by teachers, compelling school districts to adopt written policies between teachers and students on electronic media, social networking and other forms of communication.

It has yet to pass the constitutional test, but if or when it does, how will they police it? Who will police it? Could the state be allowed access to Facebook & social media accounts to see who is befriending whom?

Read More at: Mashable.com


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