Here Are the Top Party Schools in the Country

Animal House

Animal House

Just as you pack you kids off for college, the Princeton Review released its annual list of the top party schools in the country yesterday.  And as always, the students from the number one school celebrated, and the administration was mortified.

This year, Ohio University in Athens, Ohio was named the top party school in the country.  The rankings are based on a survey of more than 122,000 students nationwide.

Ohio University . . . not to be confused with Ohio State . . . has a long-standing reputation as a major party school.  Their Halloween party has been going on since the 1970s and draws at least 20,000 people.

After the rankings were released, Ohio issued a statement saying, quote, “We are disappointed in the party school ranking as it is not indicative of the overall experience of Ohio students and does not match the data we have collected.”

The number two school on the list is in a different Athens . . . the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. Number three is the University of Mississippi . . . four is University of Iowa . . . and five is the University of California, Santa Barbara.

For the 14th straight year, Brigham Young University in Utah was named the number one most stone cold sober school in the country.

Here is the full top 20:

1. Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
2. University of Georgia, Athens, Ga.
3. University of Mississippi, Oxford, Miss.
4. University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
5. University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, Calif.
6. West Virginia University, Morgantown, W. Va.
7. Penn State University, University Park, Pa.
8. Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fla.
9. University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla.
10. University of Texas, Austin, Texas
11. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
12. Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y.
13. Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La.
14. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wis.
15. DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind.
16. Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind.
17. Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz.
18. University of Maryland, College Park, Md.
19. University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt.
20. University of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C.


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