McDonald’s made some McChanges to their McMenu yesterday.  It looks like our buddy Ronald McDonald is redefining the term “happy!”  While McParents will probably LOVE the four major changes, I’m thinking the McKids will have a different point of view 😉

FRUIT: Kids used to be able to choose between fries or apples.  I think we both know which they chose.    Now, every Happy Meal automatically comes with BOTH fries and a fruit or vegetable.  It’ll usually be apples but it could also be oranges, raisins, pineapple, or baby carrots.

LESS FRIES: You knew they weren’t going to ADD to the Happy Meal!  The mandatory fruit means LESS fries.  2.4 ounces has been cut by more than HALF, down to 1.1 ounces of fries.

NO CARAMEL DIPPING SAUCE:  The few kids who actually chose apples before got a package of high-sugar caramel dipping sauce with them.  Say bye-bye to the sauce!

GOT MILK? Your kids will, unless you specifically order a soda.  The default drink USED to be a small soda.  Now, it’s 1% milk.  Ask nicely, and you can get fat-free chocolate milk.

What does this all mean?   Happy Meals will now average 20% fewer calories, 15% less sodium, and 20% lower in saturated fat.  CLICK HERE for more on these changes that start in September.


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