Fighting Couple

Fighting Couple

ALL couples get into fights in the car.  Even those obnoxious couples who swear they never fight and live their entire lives like a Disney fairytale . . . you know they’ve screamed at each other in the car at some point.  Driving stresses people out.

A new survey of couples showed that speeding was the MAIN cause of their fights in the car.

#1.) Speeding, which was picked by 23% of the people in the survey
#2.) Getting lost, 18%
#3.) Tailgating, 13%
#4.) Being too aggressive, 12%
#5.) Bad parking, 5%
#6.) Bad radio selections . . . Like listening to any station other than this one, 4.7%
#7.) Driving too slowly, 4.6%
#8.) The kids fighting in the back, 4%
(–The remaining 16% picked ‘none of the above.’)


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