Years ago, someone came up with the brilliant “rule” that you should spend two months’ salary on an engagement ring.  But, who has that kind of money???  Some poor guy decided to SELL HIS KIDNEY on the black market for about $20,000 so he could afford a ring!  And then, his girlfriend…wait for it…DUMPED HIM.

It “supposedly” happened in the Ukraine.  It’s only been in tabloids thus far.  So, it may not be true.  Let’s hope not – for HIS sake!  CLICK HERE for the dirt.

  1. Colleen says:

    Kidney stones are more common in men than women. But the incidence of kidney stones in women has been on the rise. The number of women suffering from this problem has been increasing, largely due to dietary habits. Low intakes of fruits and vegetables and high-protein diets are the most common causes of kidney stones in women. Also, like a man, a woman also has a greater chance of recurrence of this problem.

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