doc The road to recovery

It’s been a rough week but I’m on the mend! Since my trip to Flagstaff last Wednesday, EVERY THINGS A BLUR!
Agonizing pain in the abdomen, cold sweats and 148 miles to drive back home! After making it back home I figure I’ll just lie down and get some rest.THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN! After lying awake most of the night my wife decides I need to go to the doctor. She’s right, they usually are, so off to the doctors office Thursday morning. After a CT scan it was confirmed I had to have my appendix removed immediately, so straight to the ER we went! After the Thursday afternoon surgery the doctors and staff informed me of a second surgery, a kidney stone embedded in my right kidney, needed to be done on Saturday morning! On Monday evening I finally made it home again. Now as I recover I want to thank the staff at KOOl FM for their thoughts and prayers. I also want to thank my family at KMLE, 101.5 Jamz and the entire CBS Family! This Friday morning I shall return to the airways and look forward to talking to the “KOOLEST LISTENERS IN THE WORLD”…Thanks for the thoughts and prayers! P.S. To my wife Tammy, I LOVE YOU and to my daughter Chelsey and the rest of my family I couldn’t have made it without you!


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