office supplies An Office Fix For Wardrobe Malfunctions

Celebrities are ripped to shreds on TV daily for wardrobe malfunctions.  Joan Rivers has a new career because of them!  Don’t let this happen to you…especially not at work.  Did you know standard office supplies can fix these mini-catastrophes?  For instance, if you have a stuck zipper, grab a pencil!  The graphite in a #2 pencil actually provides lubrication.  Just rub it across the teeth of the zipper a few times, and it should help loosen it up.  Who knew???

Stained shirt?  Use Dry-Erase Board Cleaner to Clean It!  The main ingredient is rubbing alcohol, which can remove small stains.  Just blot the stain using a paper towel, and be careful you don’t get it near your eyes.  Test it on a hidden part of your clothing first, and make sure it doesn’t cause the color to run.

Remove pet hair with a FedEx or UPS Packing Pouch!  If you realize your shirt has cat hair all over it, take the paper strip off a packing pouch so the sticky part is exposed.  Then put the pouch on like a glove, and run it over your shirt a few times.  If you don’t have a packing pouch, you can do the same thing with a regular piece of packing tape.

Staplers can fix ripped hems!  It seems weird because it’ll leave little holes in your clothes.  But pins do the same thing, and people use pins on clothing all the time.  So if a hem or a seam rips, just staple it back together.  But make sure you use a staple remover later when you take them out.  Otherwise you’ll rip the fabric.

Use a Sharpie to Fix a Scuffed Shoe!  You’ll need the right color, but you CAN use a Sharpie on shoes.  Just don’t use it on clothing or it’ll stain.

Missing the back of your earring?  Use an Eraser.  You could also just not wear earrings for the rest of the day.  But if you absolutely MUST, a piece of eraser can hold the earring in place.  It won’t even turn your skin green the way earrings with nickel do.

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Comments (2)
  1. David Davenport says:

    There’s some bad jokes to be had here, especially with the rubbing of graphite on a zipper, but I won’t go there. 🙂 On a serious note, it was interesting to know about the dry eraser board cleaner. Thanks for the tips!

    1. David Davenport, funny guy! You should do Improv. Oh wait…you do! Glad to be of service. Thanks for listening – and reading, as always!

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