Harry Potter Spell Or Body Part?

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows - Part 2

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows - Part 2

Yesterday we blogged a couple of Harry Potter quizes, and today we have a couple more for you.

This one is from our friends at “Mental Floss”.  In honor of the final “Harry Potter” movie, we try to sort through the jumbled Latin nonsense the characters use to make magic, and medical terms for body parts.  Here we go:

#1.)  Torus Levatorius (TORE-is lev-i-TOR-e-us)

#2.)  Infundibulum. (in-fun-DIB-u-lim)

#3.)  Salvio Hexia (SAL-vee-o HEX-e-uh)

#4.)  Furnunculus (fur-NONE-cue-lis)

#5.)  Piertotum Locomotor (peer-TOTE-im lo-co-MO-tor)

#6.)  Cauda Equina (COW-da eh-KWE-nuh)

#7.)  Levicorpus (leh-vee-COR-pis)

#8.)  Sella Turcica (SELL-uh TER-see-cuh)

#9.)  Incarcerous (in-CAR-sir-us)

#10.)  Conus Medullaris (CONE-is meh-dull-AR-iss

#1.) Torus Levatorius (TORE-is lev-i-TOR-e-us)

Body part: The bulge behind your nasal cavity.

#2.) Infundibulum. (in-fun-DIB-u-lim)

Body part: A funnel shaped tube in the body, like the fallopian tubes.

#3.) Salvio Hexia (SAL-vee-o HEX-e-uh)

Harry Potter Spell: Protects an area from hexes.

#4.) Furnunculus (fur-NONE-cue-lis)

Harry Potter Spell: Causes someone to break out in boils.

#5.) Piertotum Locomotor (peer-TOTE-im lo-co-MO-tor)

Harry Potter Spell: Makes statues and suits of armor move like people.

#6.) Cauda Equina (COW-da eh-KWE-nuh)

Body part: Bundle of spinal nerves near the bottom.

#7.) Levicorpus (leh-vee-COR-pis)

Harry Potter spell: Causes a person to dangle in the air upside down.

#8.) Sella Turcica (SELL-uh TER-see-cuh)

Body part: Saddle-shaped depression at the base of the skull.

#9.) Incarcerous (in-CAR-sir-us)

Harry Potter Spell: Causes ropes to come to life and tie up a victim.

#10.) Conus Medullaris (CONE-is meh-dull-AR-iss)

Body part: Tapering at the bottom of the spine.


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