chris hansen1 Im Chris Hansen.  And, Im Fired.

I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent watching those “To Catch A Predator” shows on Dateline NBC.  They were soooo creepy!  Yet, we were both disgusted and fascinated at the same time. The phrase “I’m Chris Hansen” was known everywhere!  You had to respect the guy and wonder how he could stand being near those scumbags.

There seems to be a lot less respect for Chris today.  He (supposedly) just lost his Dateline NBC job after being caught cheating on his wife!  I say “supposedly” because NBC is being very shady about the whole situation.

(Courtesy of Catherine LawsonAOL TV)

‘To Catch a Predator’ host Chris Hansen has been embroiled in a scandal since reports surfaced that he’d been caught cheating on his wife.

Now it seems that the scandal may have cost him more than just marital harmony — it may also have cost him a much-coveted job.

According to ‘The New York Post,’ NBC was set to name Hansen as the new ‘Dateline’ anchor next month after current anchor Ann Curry landed the top job at ‘Today,’ but the plan has been scrapped by NBC brass, who believe the scandal has damaged Hansen.

The ‘Post’ quotes a source as saying that “Hansen was to be announced as a lead anchor. … While NBC is publicly playing down the scandal, it’s thrown their plans into disarray. Kate Snow may now have to get the job, but she’s been on the show only a year.”

Ann Curry has anchored ‘Dateline’ since 2005. In June she was officially named co-anchor of NBC’s flagship morning show ‘Today’ after Meredith Vieira stepped down.

Rising star Kate Snow, who may now land the top ‘Dateline’ job if the ‘Post’ is correct, replaced Ann Curry as one of the two primary substitutes for Brian Williams on ‘NBC Nightly News.’ She is also the primary substitute for Lester Holt on weekend editions of ‘NBC Nightly News.’ Prior to joining NBC, she co-anchored the weekend edition of ‘Good Morning America’ on ABC for six years.

Hansen has worked for NBC for two decades, and became famous with hidden camera series ‘To Catch a Predator.’ Launched in 2005, it is devoted to the subject of identifying and detaining those who contact people they believe to be below the age of consent over the Internet for sexual liaisons.

He was allegedly caught cheating on his wife in a hidden camera sting operation mounted by ‘The National Enquirer.’ The ‘Post’ reports that a further scandal could be brewing after rumors surfaced that Hansen had sent explicit photos of himself to his girlfriend and is terrified they could now be published à la Weinergate.

When asked by the ‘Post’ for comment, an NBC rep said “This couldn’t be further from the truth. Ann Curry is the anchor of ‘Dateline.'” The rep didn’t respond when asked if they had planned for that to change.

  1. Brandon says:

    If you saw the movie “American Beauty” the milatery guy was so against gays only b/c it turned out he was one of them same thing with Chris Hansen being prejudice against scumbags ruinning peoples lives by lurring pathicic men into a house and turnning them into a scumbad and now his chickens have come home to roost!!!!

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