Casey  Marie Anthony

Casey Marie Anthony

Well, at least SOMEONE’S going to do jail time over CASEY ANTHONY.

 On Saturday night, 42-year-old Robert Hakimoglu of Melbourne Beach, Florida was having an argument with a woman about the Casey Anthony verdict.  Basically, he was happy she was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter.

According to the cops, quote, “He agreed with the [jury’s] decision and said anybody who didn’t agree with it is not an American.  And he said he would like to meet [Anthony] and maybe have kids with her.”  Well, you can only imagine how that sat.

That infuriated the woman . . . who he had just met that night. They started arguing . . . it escalated and turned physical . . . and Robert allegedly hit her in the FACE.

When the cops got there, Robert jumped off a pier into a lagoon to try to escape. And he did . . . they couldn’t find him.

Two hours later they gave up searching the lagoon and found him sleeping in his bedroom at his parents’ house. Yes, he’s 42 and lives with his parents.

He was charged with battery and resisting arrest without violence.

Here’s Robert’s mugshot.

 Robert Hakimoglu

Robert Hakimoglu


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