From snakes to scorpions enjoy the flight

scorpion From snakes to scorpions enjoy the flight

Where’s Morgan Freeman when you need him? That’s what one man had to say after being stung by a “Striped bark scorpion”!
This last Wednesday it was turtles on the runway at JFK International Airport. On June 17th an Oregon man, Jeff Ellis, boarded an Alaskan Airlines flight in Austin Texas bound for Anchorage Alaska. Ellis said “I picked up my hand and said Oh, my God–that’s a scorpion”! Ellis said he was trying to fall asleep when he felt something crawl up his sleeve..”that’s Crawl not slither”. He felt a sting on his elbow that felt like a bee sting! Luckily there were two doctors on board and Ellis was treated for the non-life threatening wound. In other words they probably applied ice and meat tenderizer. In some cases you could experience an elevated heart rate but around the house we always treated it like a wasp sting. The high flying scorpion probably was loaded on board with the luggage..or was the creature simply seeking to get out of the heat and on to cooler weather? Can you say FREQUENT FLYER AND EXTRA BONUS FLIGHT REWARDS?


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