How’s That Bandwagon, Katrina?

Yesterday, I blogged about [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Tom Petty[/lastfm]/Michelle Bachmann drama.  Tom sent the presidential candidate a cease and desist order regarding the use of “American Girl” as her campaign song.  Now, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Katrina & The Waves[/lastfm] have done the same thing for “Walking On Sunshine.”  REALLY?!?

[photogallerylink id=57295 align=left]When’s the last time they crawled out from under their rock – 1985???  Talk about jumping on a bandwagon for the sake of attention!  If there were still milk cartons, Katrina’s face would be on the side!

(Courtesy of Andy GreeneRolling Stone)

Katrina & The Waves – whose 1985 song “Walking On Sunshine” was played by Michele Bachmann at a South Carolina campaign rally on Tuesday – have issued a statement on their website:

Katrina & The Waves would like it to be known that they do not endorse the use of ‘Walking On Sunshine’ by Michele Bachmann and have instructed their lawyers accordingly.

The group is the second musical act this week to object to the Minnesota Congresswoman’s usage of their music. Tom Petty sent the Bachmann campaign a cease and desist letter after she used his song “American Girl” at her campaign kick-off in Iowa on Monday. At a rally the following day, she played 29 seconds of “American Girl” before “Walking On Sunshine” kicked in. Looks like she’ll have to find a third song now. Any suggestions? 

UPDATE: Rolling Stone has received a statement from Katrina Leskanich, former lead singer of Katrina & The Waves:

As the singer of ‘Walking on Sunshine’ I don’t endorse its use by Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign.  I’ve performed ‘Walking on Sunshine’ for so many years in so many different countries that it’s become the one constant in my life and the one thing I can count on to bring happiness to myself and others. The song is used in commercials and movies as a vehicle for a feel good moment or empowerment but if I disagree with the policies, opinions or platforms for its use, I’ve no choice but to try and defend the song and prevent its misuse. Music can be both powerful and moving and sometimes even a little dangerous.


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