airline1 Hurry up and wait!

We all get there early but it’s not all about security
It’s not just about leaving and arriving on time  it’s a courtesy that’s owed “US”, the consumer! For example in the last week and a half my family has had to either wait at the airport or on the plane nearly “TEN” hours for delayed flights or late connections other travelers needed in order to catch our flight! As a consumer we pay top dollar for a ride on the big bird and get to the airport one and a half to two hours early for security purposes. That we don’t mind! I know if I ran my business that way I’d be out of business! Some big carriers overseas are now dictating who can and cannot fly first class. One airliner, Malaysian Airlines, is responding to complaints from 1st class passengers about” CRYING BABIES”! Seems now not only do the major carriers dictate who they allow to fly but how many seats your cheeks will occupy! If I paid my hard earned money for my baby to fly with my family and someone, who paid the same premium as me  complained about my little one,  I would simply hand over my headsets and bid them a”  HAPPY FLIGHT”..among other things and  SHOW ME WHERE YOU PAID FOR MY TICKET!


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