videos of the week1 Best Internet Videos From Last Week

This was a good week of internet videos. I went through and picked my favorites to share with you.

One of the most watched videos this week was Tom Hanks Dancing with a Weather Lady on Univision.

I sure hope there is a football season this year because a trailer is all I can handle of this.

Be warned here comes the cute! This guy raises a humming bird and takes it outside for the first time.

We go from cute to darn ugly. Yoda won the ugliest dog of the year.

Seinfeld: “Jerry the Great” re-cut trailer. Pure genius.

Vancouver Riot – “Kissing Couple” photo is now famous but here is the rest of the story.

I’m a sucker for slow motion and this one is awesome.

The dancing motorcycles has posted over 4 million views in one week. Who knew this is what we all wanted to see.

Well that’s one way to catch a foul ball…and he finishes his beer.

Iron Man at MD High School Graduation. My graduation was event close to being as cool as this.


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