western shootout1 Who gave Barney the bullet?

Who loaded the guns and where did the live ammo come from anyway?
In Rapid City South Dakota mysteriously ONE of the participants in a mock Old West Shootout unloaded his colt 45 with 100 onlookers standing by. Just another day for the Dakota Wild Bunch re-enactors who perform several times a week in their beloved tourist town of Black Hills! When the shootout was over several of the observers were lying wounded including a 65 year old woman shot in the lower leg. Another bystander  was shot through the elbow while two others were injured by the flying hot metal fragments. How can you load your real gun with REAL AMMO for a fake old west shootout? Don’t worry the town sheriff is on it as I speak. Where is Marshall Dillon when you need him?..Oh, he’s SIX FEET UNDER!


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