movie reel Bad Teacher Competes with Cars 2 This Weekend


It should be a good weekend to hit the theater and catch a good movie.  Not to mention the good air conditioning too!

#1.) “Cars 2” (G)
Lightning goes overseas to compete in a set of races to determine the world’s fastest car. His best friend Mater goes with him, and Mater’s recruited by a British agent for a top secret mission after being mistaken for an undercover spy.

Owen Wilson does the voice of Lightning McQueen, Larry the Cable Guy returns as Mater, and that’s Michael Caine doing the voice of British spy car Finn McMissile.

Disney good luck charm John Ratzenberger is also back as Mack, the truck who pulls Lightning’s trailer to his races. You know Ratzenberger as Cliff Clavin on “Cheers” . . . and he’s been in every Pixar movie since the first “Toy Story” movie back in 1995.

#2.) “Bad Teacher” (R)
This is a raunchy comedy starring Cameron Diaz as a foul-mouthed teacher who doesn’t care about teaching her class anything. She’s simply killing time until she can find some rich schmuck to take care of her. That’s when she tries to sink her gold-digging claws into Justin Timberlake, a substitute teacher with a rich family.

Justin likes ample-chested women, or at least his character does, so she decides she needs a boob job . . . and the quickest way to get the cash is by winning the bonus given to the teacher whose class scores the best on the state exams. Aggressive teaching insanity ensues. Jason Segel is also in it as a gym teacher who has a crush on her.


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