The Main Characters on “Glee” May Be Graduating . . . But There’s a (Slim) Chance Some Won’t Be Gone for Good



“Glee” creator Ryan Murphy has always intended on limiting the show’s main characters to within the show’s natural time frame, which means that many of them will be leaving after next season.  But there’s a (slim) chance they won’t be gone for good.

 Murphy explains, quote, “The only way somebody could stay on the show is if they flunk, and that’s always a possibility.  I think Brittany is pulling straight Fs.”  (–Brittany is the dumb, but HILARIOUS, cheerleader played by Heather Morris.)

 But he insists that there won’t be any trickery to keep them around.  For example, Puck won’t sneak back onto the show by being hired as the assistant football coach.

 However, there IS a possibility that the graduating seniors could eventually return on some sort of spin-off show.

Murphy says, quote, “It’s an interesting idea. The questions are: ‘How would we do it? And when would we do it?’ It would have to be something I would talk about to [the executives at Fox].”
By the way, Murphy isn’t concerned about losing the current stars, and bringing in new ones. He says, quote, “It’s all about the stories and characters. It’s our job to find new [stars] that people will love, but I never feel like we’re replacing anybody.

“The [core] characters are irreplaceable.”


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