He’s Too Sexy For A Suit, He’s Too Sexy For A Tie….

usair  Hes Too Sexy For A Suit, Hes Too Sexy For A Tie....
A man who flies US Airways in women’s skimpy clothing, including little more than undergarments at times, said Wednesday that he does so to make business travel more fun, and complies with employees’ requests to cover up – though they rarely ask.

cross dresser Hes Too Sexy For A Suit, Hes Too Sexy For A Tie....

A man who wears women’s clothing through airport security is in the middle of a racial profiling debate. The “San Francisco Chronicle” reports the nameless Phoenix man has been flying with U.S. Airways for years in clothing like ladies’ underwear and black stockings. The man tells the paper as long as the airline doesn’t object, quote, “others have the right to wear what they want to wear.” This comes on the heels of an incident in which an African American man refused to pull up his sagging pants and was eventually arrested for allegedly arguing with airline employees. He’s since gotten an attorney and is accusing U.S. Airways of racial discrimination.


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  1. Art Dubs says:

    While I believe in all the freedoms we enjoy and everyone has the right to pursue life liberty and happiness. This is over the top. If I owned a business I should have the right to set business standards and I WOULD inform anyone that doesn’t conform to appropriate dress or conduct to comply or take their business elsewhere. The problem with this article is the airline wasn’t consistant in it’s enforcement of it’s policies and is going to have a tough time in the courts if this gose there.

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