Scottsdale Reality Show Auditions

nik Scottsdale Reality Show Auditions
A new reality series is going to be filmed in the valley.  “Hot Desert Nights” will be based on Scottsdale’s elite and star Nik Richie of and his wife, Shayne Lamas.

Anyone who is interested in auditioning can send an e-mail to

(Thanks to the Arizona Republic)
Maybe it’s the girl who controls the bottle service at Scottsdale’s hippest bar. Or the young real-estate mogul on his ascent.

But this week, he will be holding interviews with a number of Valley residents who are “elite” because of their heightened social status within the media. This doesn’t mean they have to be well-known, Ofir said, but they are the people who have or will become recognizable because of the power they wield within the fabric of the city.

The show will use Scottsdale for much of its backdrop. “It could be anybody. It could be the new, hot chef who is opening the restaurants that everybody is going to,” Ofir said. “Where they go, other people follow. But they need to have the personality to carry a TV show. And they should be relatively young. Think ‘The Hills,’ but throw in the Kardashians.”

Richie, a Scottsdale resident, is the creator of popular gossip website, Lamas is the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas, both reality TV veterans themselves. Ofir, who cast such shows as “Millionaire Matchmaker” and “Jersey Shore,” said Richie and Lamas reflect the type of cast he’s seeking out.

They are “representations of local royalty, young and vibrant and with their fingers on the pulse of pop culture,” Ofir said.

Ofir has a target list of 50 Valley residents, but applications for “Hot Desert Nights” also are open to the public.

“This show is about the people who are creating the city into what it will become. It is by invitation only, but if you represent this demographic, send the e-mail,” he said. “Yes, people who have interesting lives are encouraged to submit, but you must be able to share your life on camera.”

Preproduction will start in the fall, and the show could air in the winter on a cable network to be announced.

The show’s concept takes its inspiration from the rise of South Beach and Las Vegas as destination points in the early 1990s and early 2000s, respectively. Scottsdale could set the trend for the next decade, he said.

“The backdrops that exist in Scottsdale are stunning. Freezing in the dead of winter in Buffalo and watching a show like this as the sun sets over the desert on TV, the dream of the West Coast is real. And Arizona is the West Coast,” he said. “There’s a young entrepreneurial spirit that exists in Scottsdale – it’s the young and fashionable that create a city. Scottsdale has that opportunity right here, right now.”

Those may or may not be the descriptions of people to be featured in a new reality TV show casting out of Scottsdale, starring husband and wife Nik Richie and Shayne Lamas.

How “Hot Desert Nights” (working title) will be cast and played out is still up in the air, said Doron Ofir, a casting director based in Los Angeles.


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