It’s been 34 years since we lost “The King.”  But, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Elvis Presley[/lastfm] has never REALLY left.  Every year, there’s a new – previously unheard -  treat released.  This September, that treat is a new Elvis box set called “Young Man With The Big Beat.”  And, you thought you owned everything Elvis.  NOPE!

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The explosion of Elvis Presley’s career on RCA Records during the 12 months of 1956 was a wondrous evolution. By the end of that fateful year, the rockabilly singer from Memphis whose audience was rooted in the deep Southern states, would be the most famous person in the world. How did it happen?  In one word: music.

“Young Man With The Big Beat” puts the focus on Elvis in 1956. The package includes his RCA studio master recordings and outtakes in New York, Nashville and Memphis; live performances; interviews; and much more. Taking its name from an RCA poster campaign for his debut album, the super deluxe 5-CD, 12-inch square box set (with an amazing 80-page book with timeline) is available now for pre-order at Pre-order customers will also receive an exclusive replica vinyl 7″ of Elvis’ first 45rpm EP for RCA Records. Sharing the same striking cover art as Elvis’ debut album, the EP features “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Tutti Frutti,” “I Got A Woman” and “Just Because.” This vinyl single is only available through this special website offer, and it will ship upon payment for the box set.

The actual box set will be available everywhere September 27, 2011, on RCA/Legacy, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

The five CDs comprise the following, all material originating in 1956:

  • CD One, Studio Recordings: 17 tracks recorded in New York, Nashville, and Hollywood, starting with the 12 songs on the debut LP, Elvis Presley (‘1254’), followed by non-LP single A-sides and B-sides, and EP tracks
  • CD Two, Studio Recordings: 22 tracks recorded in New York, Nashville, and Memphis, starting with the 12 songs on the second LP, Elvis (‘1382’), followed by non-LP single A-sides and B-sides, and EP tracks
  • CD Three, Live Recordings: Rare remasters of shows at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas (four songs); Little Rock, Arkansas (seven songs); and a recently discovered, previously unreleased concert in Shreveport, Louisiana, in December (ten songs)
  • CD Four, The Outtakes:  Four outtakes from the first historic RCA session in January (“I Got A Woman,” “Heartbreak Hotel,” “I’m Counting On You,” “I Was The One”), segueing into the complete session of February 3rd (11 takes of “Lawdy, Miss Clawdy” and 12 takes of “Shake, Rattle And Roll”); plus the first of the interviews – the complete Warwick Hotel (NYC) interview by Robert Brown in March
  • CD Five, the Interviews: The Paul Wilder interview, plus his interviews with Colonel Parker and Oscar Davis; plus two segments of Elvis’ rarely heard candid monologue, “The Truth About Me,” and two advertisements for RCA Victrolas.

Over the course of CD One and Two, “Young Man With The Big Beat” compiles Elvis Presley’s complete 1956 masters.  The year was fueled by a run of hits that kept radio well-stocked: “Heartbreak Hotel,” “I Was The One,” “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Money Honey,” “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You,” “My Baby Left Me,” “Don’t Be Cruel,” “Hound Dog,” and “Love Me Tender” topping the list.

In addition to the master takes, outtakes, and live performances heard on CDs One through Four of “Young Man With The Big Beat,” there is also the most extensive collection of audio spoken word material ever included on an RCA release. These extended and rare interviews are previously unreleased by RCA Records. The first of these segments, at the end of CD Four, is the complete Elvis interview by Robert Brown that took place at the Warwick Hotel in New York City on March 24th. CD Five then presents:

  • The Complete TV Guide Presents Elvis interview (Elvis interviewed by Paul Wilder backstage at the Polk Theater, Lakeland, Florida, on August 10th)
  • Colonel Parker and Oscar Davis (interviewed by Paul Wilder backstage at the Polk Theater, Lakeland, Florida, on August 10th)
  • The Truth About Me (Original spoken word 45 rpm disc included in Teen Parade magazine.  Recorded on the set of Love Me Tender, August 22nd)
  • The Truth About Me Interview (Recorded on the set of Love Me Tender, August 22nd)
  • RCA Victrola radio ad 1
  • RCA Victrola radio ad 2 (both ads never before released commercially)

In tandem with the release of “Young Man With The Big Beat,” RCA/Legacy will also release “Elvis Presley Legacy Edition.” This special double-CD package will couple, for the first time, the Elvis Presley and Elvis albums of 1956. “Elvis Presley: Legacy Edition” has as its cover image the classic Elvis Presley debut LP design that has been paid homage by the Clash (London Calling), Big Audio Dynamite (F-Punk), k.d. lang (Reintarnation), and many others. The Legacy Edition booklet will contain new liner notes and rare archival photography.

“Young Man With The Big Beat” will feature one of the most extraordinary books every created at Legacy. The focal point of the book, spread across its 80 pages, will be a unique, meticulously-researched, day-by-day chronology of Elvis’ iconic year, including every concert, every recording date, every television appearance, personal events in Elvis’ life, and much more. A dazzling photo array of memorabilia will illustrate each day and entry. Concert ticket stubs, RCA memoranda, letters from fans, postcards from Elvis to his family, tour itineraries, magazine covers and articles, trade charts, fan club relics, RCA publicity photos, concert photos, candid photos, and more will be a feast for the eyes and the imagination as 1956 unfolds.

“Young Man With The Big Beat” will also include five rare 8×10 photographs, five original-size poster replicas, and a replica concert ticket stub.

Both the box set and the Legacy Edition are currently available for pre-order at Click here to order “Young Man With The Big Beat.” Click here to order “Elvis Presley: Legacy Edition.”


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