img 1319 Now This Is KOOL Fun In the City

Not Phoenix…New York!

We woke up at 4:30AM Wednesday morning, to a crisp, KOOL, 55 degrees. Loaded up the car and off to New York. We decided to go to the Regis and Kelly show and was informed we had to line up in the standby line before 7am. We were told that Regis always walks across the street from his apartment to the studio at 8:20 sharp. I stepped out of line to run into Starbucks to use the “facilities” so that I could catch a glimpse of “the Reg”. Too bad the line took way longer than expected, and I missed him. Luckily, my son took a photo of him while he waited outside. We eventually got our standby pass #’s and were informed that typically the 1st 15 to 25 standby viewers get into the show. Although we were viewers 23 – 26, we were out of luck but will try again tomorrow.


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