Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

road construction ahead signs Signs, signs, everywhere a sign
Whats up with all this construction?
I left my house in Peoria at 9 am and got on the 101 loop northbound at Bell road headed to Tempe to move my daughter out of her apartment. Drove 55 miles per hour til I got to a construction sign that said ” left two lanes closed ahead”! From 59th avenue to 35th avenue, where we finally merged into one lane, took 40 minutes. Then, since the flashing road sign was wrong and we had to completely “EXIT” the freeway on to the access road, add on another 20! I drove south on 35th avenue to Union Hills Drive, turned left and went southbound on I-17 until I see another flashing sign “eastbound I-10 on-ramp closed”. I then proceeded to exit on Thomas Road heading eastbound of course til I got to SR 51. I then proceeded southbound to the 202 eastbound.I finally made it “one hour and forty minutes later”! If you drove around the valley this weekend you know what I’m talking about..It’s “THOSE SIGNS SIGNS EVERYWHERE A SIGN!!! Please watch out for those construction workers..It’s not their fault!


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