sunscreen application The Four Most Helpful Facts From the 2011 Sunscreen Guide


If the hot weather has you making outdoor plans for this weekend, a non-profit called the Environmental Working Group recently published its “2011 Sunscreen Guide.”

It rates the effectiveness of 1,700 different sunscreens, lip balms, moisturizers, and make-up brands.

#1.)  You Shouldn’t Waste Money on an SPF Higher Than 50.  According to the FDA, an SPF 75 doesn’t offer any more protection than an SPF 50 does.  And ultra-high SPFs tend to make people too confident, and less likely to reapply.

 #2.)  Women Are Much Better About Sun Block Than Men Are.  78% of women wear sunscreen compared to just 34% of men.

 –So if you want to make sure your husband or your son doesn’t burn this weekend, you might have to remind them more than once . . . which you’re probably used to.

 #3.)  Specific Ingredients Offer Better Protection.  Look for zinc, titanium dioxide, avobenzone, and Mexoryl SX.  All of them block UV-A rays, and they stay on the surface of your skin instead of being absorbed by it.

 #4.)  Don’t Use Sunscreen That Has Insect Repellent Unless You Have To.  All the facts aren’t in yet, but insect repellent might cause cancer.   And it doesn’t make much sense to GIVE yourself cancer while you’re trying to PREVENT cancer.


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