Courtships Cost $40,000 On Average

courtships are expensive Courtships Cost $40,000 On Average

We all know weddings can be EXTREMELY pricey.  But, the courtship leading up to the wedding isn’t exactly cheap, either!  A new study shows the average courtship (from the 1st date to the wedding) costs $40,000 on average!  Ladies, if your man is hesitant to pop the question…point him to THIS blog!

According to the study:

  • It takes about three years and 10 months from a first meeting until a wedding.  And during that time, the average guy is spending bigtime!  I say “average” because you KNOW there are cheapskates out there.
  • Every month, the average man in a relationship spends $338 on dinners and nights out, and $155 on other meals.  Every year, he also spends $861 on flowers, chocolates, and other gifts, and $1,250 on vacations.
  • More than 50% of married men say they spend less on their women now that they’re married.  And 18% wish they’d proposed earlier to start saving money.

CLICK HERE for the story.


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