end of the world as we know it 5 21 11 Is Here   And So Are We

And when 5-22-11 comes, we’ll still be here too.  Do you really need evidence the world isn’t ending at 6pm tonight? Here’s most every know previous prediction of the end of the world debunked case by case.  All this proves to me is that God has the ultimate sense of humor. 

Click here for all the info.  I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Diane ANGEL says:

    Yes I agree, GOD has a great sense of humor. In this world we live in, there will alway’s be false prophets, who lie ,cheat & are greedy & take money from “WE THE PEOPLE” for their own. GOD will end the world when he say’s it’s the only way & not before…No one know’s but GOD!!! Have a PEACEFUL & AWESOME WEEKEND!! Enjoy each moment & have fun, be safe & HAVE FAITH!!!
    PEACE 🙂

    1. Great comment Diane – hope you’re having a great weekend. – Steve

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