smoky air in phoenix Whats With The Smoke?

If the phrase “small world” ever fit the bill, today’s the day!  Lynn called 260-9494 this morning to ask about the haze and smell of smoke in the air.  Are you ready for this?  It’s from wildfires…in CANADA!

(Courtesy of Karen SchmidtArizona Republic)

Hours after a rainstorm blew through the Phoenix area, residents woke up  Thursday to see a haze in the skies.

Some smelled smoke — but didn’t see a hint of a fire anywhere.

What gives?

Blame Canada. And Mother Nature.

A weather system is pushing air from our neighbors up north, where wildfires  have been burning in the western Canadian province of Alberta,  bringing to the Valley the smoky conditions.

So say officials at the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality,  which consulted with meteorologists before issuing its explanation.

“You’ll never believe this,” agency spokesman Mark Shaffer said after  checking into the mystery. “I never would have guessed it,” he said.

Neither did the scores of Valley residents who took to Facebook and Twitter  to raise the question.

And there’s no way the haze is the result of the Horseshoe Two fire burning  in Cochise County southeastern Arizona? As some local meteorologists speculated  in their broadcasts?

No, apparently. That’s because the winds are pushing smoke from that fire -  it has charred some 33,000 acres – to the east, in the direction of New Mexico  and southwestern Texas, Shaffer says.


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