mcdonalds McDonalds Is Spending $1 Billion . . . To Look More Like Starbucks
Yesterday, McDonald’s announced that they’ll be spending $1 BILLION to revamp the majority of their 14,000 U.S. locations . . . essentially, to make them look more like Starbucks and less like playgrounds.

They’re getting rid of the bright red and yellow, the fiberglass tables, and the steel chairs.

Instead they’ll use muted oranges and yellows, wooden tables, and faux leather chairs.  There will be earth-toned facades instead of white walls and glass doors.  They want you to come in, feel like an adult, and stay for a while.

It’s all part of McDonald’s plan to try to make dining more of an experience . . . and less of the get-in-get-out experience we’re used to.  Basically, they want to channel what companies like Starbucks and Apple have done to get people into their stores.

Max Carmona is McDonald’s senior director of restaurant design.  He says, quote, “We’re not trying to be Apple.  But we can be inspired by them.  When you’re inside an Apple Store, you almost feel like you’re inside an iPad and you want to stay there.

“We want people to walk into McDonald’s and have the same feeling.”

This revamp is going to take until 2015.  This year, they’ll makeover about 800 locations.  They’ve already started with a few in the Tampa area. 

revamped mcdonalds McDonalds Is Spending $1 Billion . . . To Look More Like Starbucks

Revamped McDonald's


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